Building Trust, Love & Presence

Level 1

Building trust, Love & Presence is a great no pressure class for the novice or the returning actor that focuses on spontaneity, relationship and the power of saying “what if”.

Monday | 7:00pm-9:30pm

November 14th – December 5th, 4 weeks


Text & Subtext

Level 2

Learn how to mine a scene for as much information as possible and what to look for when building a role. Create organic, simple performances, underpinned by personalization and a rich emotional life.  Learn to bring yourself to the work, rather than “creating” a character.

Prerequisite: Building Trust, Love & Presence or instructor approval

Offered Winter 2017

Discovering the Inner Life of a Play

Level 3

This class is for continuing students who are ready to work and change the way they look at scripts. For eight weeks, actors will read, analyze, and search for hidden clues buried inside the text of a popular contemporary play. As an ensemble, they will open up a rich world within the play while putting technique learned in previous classes on their feet. (No class: 11/22)

Prerequisite: instructor approval

Tuesday | 6:30pm – 9:30pm

October 18th – December 13th, 8 weeks



Acting for the Camera

Level 1

Whether you’re returning to the industry or checking a box on your bucket list, this essential skills class will provide a comprehensive overview of on-camera technique. You will shoot in our professional studio, work from commercial copy, and analyze your work as it is played back each week.

(No class: 11/22)

Tuesday | 7:00pm – 9:30pm

October 18th – November 29th, 6 weeks


Advanced On Camera 

Level 2

Taught by PR Casting Assistant Sarah Charipar, this class challenges the continuing on camera actor to deepen their work and delve further into creating a life inside the lens for the most truthful on camera performance. (No class: 11/23)

Prerequisite: instructor approval 

Wednesday | 7:00pm – 9:30pm

October 19th – November 30th, 6 weeks



Improv Boot Camp

Take a risk, take an adventure, take an improv class! The Huffington Post says “improv will give you the best mindset for life”.  The lessons are simple with no scripts or lines to memorize, but the hardest to achieve; be present, listen, say yes, follow the fear and simplify. Skills that not only make you a better performer but more importantly, a better human!

Thursday | 7:00pm-9:30pm

October 27th – November 17th, 4 weeks