Skyler Schrempp

Skyler Schrempp is a Chicago based theatre educator, director, and actor. She is the executive director of The Viola Project and she has presented her innovative Shakespeare based curriculum to educators around the country. She has taught with numerous arts non profits from New York to Chicago as well as in CPS. She has been on stage at Griffin, Oak Park Festival Theatre, BoHo, Chicago Children’s Theatre, The Gift, Artemesia, Cole, Adventure Stage, First Folio, 16th Street, Walkabout, The Chicago Mammals and lower case theatre.  She collaborates frequently with Back Room Shakespeare and is a founding member of One Year Chekhov, both organizations dedicated to irreverent accessibility of the classics. She is a guest director with First Folio Theatre and has studied with School at Steppenwolf and the Moscow Art Theatre. You can find out more about Skyler at