Hey there, possible future intern!

We bet you have some questions.  If we don’t answer them here, feel free to email us at info@actorstrainingcenter.com.  Looking forward to your application!



  • When you start we’ll discuss one big project for you to work on or one big responsibility for you to have for the duration of your internship.  For each intern this will be different.  It might be creating a database, assisting a specific class, or creating marketing materials for us.  It might be something totally different.  We want to work with your interests and strengths.


  • In addition to your main project you’ll do a little bit of everything that helps us run the school. You might answer phones, correspond with parents & various industry connections, file papers, organize the office, complete research, help with casting pulls or (occasionally) run and get us lunch or coffee.




  • Experience — This position is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about Arts Administration, Not-For-Profit Management or the Performing Arts.  Our day-to-day is never quite the same and we play a lot of different roles (administrators, instructors, customer service, marketers, office managers, casting directors, talent managers) which will allow you to sample a lot of different job responsibilities.
  • Exposure & Connections — During our time with us you’ll undoubtedly have contact with various industry professionals (both in Chicago and on both coasts).  You’ll have opportunities to correspond with, assist and learn from various guest artists and staff members who work in a variety capacities within our great artistic community.
  • Training — Each intern who satisfactorily completes their 4-month internship will receive complimentary tuition for one 2-hour regular session class at ATC, usable for the session following the internships completion.  You also may be allowed, with approval, the opportunity to audit special workshops with guest artists.




  • Applicants must be a minimum of 16 years old.
  • Interns are required to commit approximately 10 hours a week, preferably over two non-consecutive days.
  • Interns should be comfortable with computers and technology in general and must have good communication skills and be comfortable on the phone.
  • This internship may count towards college credit but it is the intern’s responsibility to research and arrange this with their school.




  • This internship pays exactly zero millions of dollars.  In other words– this internship is unpaid.