Comedy Troupe

January 29th - April 30th

3:00pm - 6:00pm

Audition Only: participate in a group audition slot & submit a 2-3 page original sketch (using the 5-point story structure)

Program Type: In-Person



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About the course

The ATC Comedy Troupe "No Explanation" has been making us laugh for nearly 10 years. This troupe represents our most advanced comedy students who have proven ready to perform for the public. This troupe will write an original sketch comedy revue, developed through improv, which will be performed on May 21st, 2022

Audition Information: students will participate in a group audition slot, and will also need to submit a 2-3 page original sketch using the 5-point story structure. They can bring this sample with them to the audition or send it ahead of time.

New student audition date: December 12, 2021
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