Musical Theatre College Audition Prep for High School Seniors

“An accomplishment that I have gained from CAC was getting in to my dream school NYU!!" - CAC 2020 Student

"I loved working with new peers that shared the same passion I have without being in competition. We are all striving for the same goal but this experience has showed me that there is enough room for everyone to shine." - CAC 2020 Student



It takes more than a good S.A.T. and a high G.P.A.


· WHEN: Sunday May 3rd, 5-7pm

· WHERE: Virtual, Hosted on Webinar Jam (Click Here To Register)

Contact the ATC office if you have any other questions. Please remember that we currently aren't in the office. While we frequently check voicemail, email is usually the fastest way to reach us: | 847.251.8710

Resume + Audition Prep • Classical Monologue • Two Contemporary Constrasting Monologues • Private Coaching • Mock Interviews and Audition Transitions • OPTIONAL MUSICAL THEATRE ADD-ON INCLUDES: Vocal Technique and Song Selection / Live Accompanists / Coaching / Dance • BENEFITS FOR ALL INCLUDE: Pro Headshots • Office Hours • On-site support at Unified Auditions • On-line support group - and Much More!  

The Actors Training was started in 2007 with a clear and unique mission to train actors so that they can compete in an extremley competive industy.

“Carole Dibo and the Actors Training Center staff trained and nurtured my son every step of the way. " - CAC 2020 Parent

"I don’t even know where to begin with what it helped me through… selections of pieces, feedback on pieces, filming/coaching points, seeing others work through their material. It was so helpful, thank you!" - CAC 2020 Student