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Early access:
7th-12th Grade


The Power of “If” (7th-12th)

Sundays, 11am - 1pm / February 3 - April 14

Designed for aspiring young actors who are ready to work fearlessly from their personal experiences of the past by saying "what if..." to their character in the present. The Power of "IF" creates a foundation for future training.


Professional Actors Toolbox (7th-12th)

Saturdays, 10:15am-12:15pm / February 2 - April 13

Monologue, Cold Reading and Unarmed Stage Combat are three must-have techniques a serious actor needs in this competitive field. This sequence of techniques, taught by a rotation of ATC teachers, is designed with a keen eye for the actor who is ready to start working in the industry.

Prerequisite: The Power of “If” OR Studio Approval


Actors Ensemble (9th-12th)

Sundays, 11am - 1:30pm / February 3 - April 14

This course is designed for advanced, experienced actors who are looking to dive deeper and risk more. During the nine weeks advanced actors will explore space, sound and create a shared language using the techniques of Meisner, Viewpoints and Mask. Actors will devise work inspired, written and performed by the Ensemble for invited guests. 

Prerequisite: Studio Approval OR Audition


Movement for Actors (7th-12th)

Saturdays, 10am - noon / February 2 - April 13

Movement is an essential tool for actors, helping them express a character’s feelings through physical action and giving richness to that character through tempo and rhythm. Learn how translate an objective into spontaneous movement in this electric, indispensable class.


Improvisation (7th-12th)

Saturdays, 2:30pm - 4:30pm / February 2 - April 13

Students learn the value of saying "Yes, and…" to every idea, using their imaginations and creative energy to become confident storytellers.  This class will culminate in a final short-form improvised performance for friends and family.


Comedy Toolbox (7th-12th)

Saturdays, 12:30pm - 2:30pm / February 2 - April 13

Deepen your comedy training with this comprehensive  course. Physical Comedy, Voices & Dialects, and Sketch Comedy are all covered in this 9-week course taught by some of Chicago's top comedy performers.

Prerequisite: Improvisation OR Studio Approval


“No Explanation”: ATC’s Comedy Troupe (9th-12th)

Saturdays, 3-6pm / February 9 - May 18

The ATC Comedy Troupe, "No Explanation", represents our most advanced improvisers who have proven ready to perform for the public.  This troupe will write an original sketch comedy revue, developed through improv, which will be showcased in Chicago on Saturday, May 18. 

Students must be available for performances and are expected to attend all class sessions and tech rehearsals.

Prerequisite: By Invitation or Studio Approval


Acting for the Camera (7th-12th)

Saturdays, 12:15pm-2:15pm / February 2 - April 13

A successful on camera career requires savvy improvisational skills as well as the ability to make bold and truthful choices. This essential class provides a complete overview of on camera technique. Students will shoot in our professional studio, work from actual industry copy, and analyze their work as it is played back each week.


Acting for the Camera 2 (7th-12th)

Sundays, 1:30pm - 3:30pm / February 3 - April 14

This Level 2 class takes the student into the world of finding truth and commitment in their auditions by applying the 12 Guideposts created by legendary acting teacher Michael Shurtleff. Inspired by the techniques in his book Audition, students will learn a clear cut and tactical approach to text analysis using actual film and TV audition scripts.

Prerequisite: Acting for the Camera OR Studio Approval


Advanced On Camera (7th-12th)

Saturdays, 2:30pm - 5pm / February 2 - April 13

This class challenges the advanced actor to deepen their work in front of the camera for a more complex performance through circumstance and justification while staying firmly rooted in the power of the "what if". Veteran Talent Agent Mike Theisen and a rotation of professional instructors teach this class, driving students to decode adjustments and take direction well, no matter who is giving notes.

Prerequisite: Acting for the Camera 2 OR Studio Approval


Broadway Vocals (7th-12th)

Sundays, 3:30pm-5:30pm / February 3 - April 14

Musical theatre performances are powerful when the song furthers both the character's journey and the play's central story.  This class takes the five W's (who, what, where, when and why) and applies them to Broadway favorites emphasizing proper singing technique. This class will culminate in a final performance for friends and family.


Musical Theatre Lab (9th-12th)

Sundays, 2pm-5pm / February 3 - April 14

A fast-paced intensive where advanced musical theatre students focus on dance, acting and song, taught by Chicago’s finest musical theatre talent.  These actors will emerge with the confidence to enter the professional musical theatre community in Chicago and beyond. The session will culminate in an evening of cabaret performances featuring the actors’ songs and stories for friends, family, and invited guests.

Prerequisite: By Audition or Studio Approval



The Art of the Disney & Nick On Camera Audition (4th-8th Grade)

Saturdays, 10:30am-12:30pm / April 27 - May 18

It takes skill to let go of your inhibitions and find the right balance of energy to perform over-the-top comedy.  This class will help you find the life inside the characters of Disney and Nickelodeon.


Secrets of Shakespeare (7th-12th)

Sundays, 1:30pm - 3:30pm / April 28 - May 19

This workshop boils down and explores the heightened language, reality and metaphors that many actors fear when approaching Shakespeare. Enjoy finding clues in the text that help build character and strong relationships.


Accents & Dialects Toolbox (7th-12th)

Saturdays, 10:30am - 12:30pm / April 27 - May 18

Often character descriptions call for a specific accent. Saying you can do a particular accent or dialect when you can't is never a good idea! This class offers students a clear approach to understanding and delivering accents or dialects with confidence in order to achieve honest and authentic characters from around the world. 


Slapstick Comedy (7th-12th)

Saturdays, 12:30pm - 2:30pm / April 27 - May 18

Slapstick Comedy is one of the most intellectual branches of comedy because it doesn't rely strictly on words. Enrich your understanding of comedy by delving into the humor of The Three Stooges, Buster Keaton and Monty Python through stage combat, prat falls, animated facial expressions and a bit of acrobatics. 


Stage to Screen Calibration (7th-12th)

Sundays, 11am-1:30pm / April 28 - May 19

Students will prepare the same scene for both stage and screen, learning to calibrate their performance for each medium while deepening their work by finding their character's actions, objectives and relationship to the arc of the scene.


Musical Theatre Scene Study (7th-12th)

Sundays, 1:45pm - 3:45pm / April 28 - May 19

Musical theatre performances are powerful when the song furthers both the character's journey and the play's central story.  This class takes the five W's (who, what, where, when and why) and applies them to Broadway favorites emphasizing proper singing technique. This class will culminate in a final performance for friends and family.


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