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Early access: Adult Classes


Secrets of Shurtleff (Ages 18+)

Mondays, 7pm-9:30pm / March 4 - April 15

The 12 Guideposts created by legendary acting teacher, Michael Shurtleff, have been a long-time staple for actors looking for truth and commitment in their audition pieces. Inspired by the techniques illustrated in his book "Audition", Secrets of Shurtleff provides students with a tactical approach to text analysis.


Advanced On Camera (Ages 18+)

Tuesdays, 7pm-9:30pm / February 19 - April 16

This class puts the more skilled actor back in the studio, diving deeper into given circumstances and specificity. Special attention will be paid to how to make a strong self-tape. This class is taught by a rotation of professionals for a more comprehensive learning experience. 

Prerequisite: Acting for the Camera OR Studio Approval


First Steps: Breaking Into the Business (Ages 18+)

Wednesdays, 7pm-9:30pm / February 13 - March 20

This 6 week class will provide a comprehensive overview of how to break into the business, beginning with basic industry vocabulary, who hires who, and moving on to key acting skills, improv, on camera basics and neutral scenes.  No one is too much of a beginner for this class.



Meisner Technique (Ages 18+)

Mondays, 7pm-9:30pm / April 29 - May 20

“Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” 
-- Sanford Meisner

This core class gives actors at any level the tools they need to be truthful in every moment and respond from the heart rather than from intellect. Learn what it means to “do” in a given moment based on what you receive from your partner.  This class will aide in strengthening the actor’s imagination and emotional range.


Nailing the Commercial Audition (Ages 18+)

Wednesdays, 7pm-9:30pm / May 1 - May 22

A successful commercial actor is dynamic, knows how to play and hit all the notes in the copy while being bold, honest and grounded. Learn how to have fun while gaining the basic tools of commercial scripts.


Deep Dive Into Dramatic TV/Film (Ages 18+)

Tuesdays, 7pm-9:30pm / April 30 - May 21

NBC's One Chicago franchise is filled with heavy, dramatic scenes that require an actor to be immediately present in the middle of a highly charged scene. Learn how to "get there" when needed and "stay there" when required. 


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