2019 Young Filmmakers Contest

Visit: https://www.oneearthfilmfest.org/contest-media-kit/ for further information

The Young Filmmakers Contest has been a part of the One Earth Film Festival since 2013. Its purpose is to engage youth in the national conversation about climate change and think about actions to reverse the current trend. We ask students to research one of six sustainability topics: energy, food, transportation, waste, water or open space/ecosystems and then create a film of 3 to 8 minutes in length (45 seconds for animation).

  • 3-8 minute films should present a solution to a problem from one of the six topics.

  • Animations can present a solution or motivate viewers towards awareness or behavior change for one of the six topics.

Cash prizes (or a scholarship) are awarded at the elementary school, middle school, high school (grades 9-11) and senior year to college levels, along with matching grants for sustainability organizations of each winner’s choice, related to the theme of their film. Winning films will premiere at the One Earth Film Festival in March 2019.

The deadline for submissions is January 13, 2019. For more information, contact lisa@greencommunityconnections.org. Please do not contact ATC for further information.

Visit ONEEARTHFILMFEST.ORG for further information & to grab a media kit!

Best of luck to everyone entering!!

-ATC Team

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