ATC Celebrates Page to Screen Premiere!

ATC hosted the 2018 Page to Screen premiere last Monday at the historic Wilmette Theatre. The class's short film, The Mysterious Tale of Percy Spencer, was screened for the students and their friends and family - filling the theatre with more than 50 patrons - excited to see the young performers' work!

The film, clocking in at roughly 25 minutes, is the longest Page to Screen film to date!

When students are assigned to write about historical figures, a stranger with some magic pencils seeks to stop those historical figures from accomplishing their goals via magical pencils that transport these figures into the bodies of the students writing about them!

The Mysterious Tale was co-written by the students themselves, who were assigned to bring in facts about a historical figure to the first day of the class back in June. Together, with instructor, Tim Soszko, the students crafted an original film that they then got to act in as well as assist behind the scenes.

The goal of Page to Screen is to give young actors the opportunity to understand the film process from beginning to end: how a story is crafted, written, performed, and tended to by a myriad of behind-the-scenes people. This insight is what separates this particular class from other movie-making classes in the area - you have to understand the whole, to be able to play your part.

The students also shot "on location" around Wilmette, implementing such downtown staples as: Depot Nuevo restaurant, the Central School playground, and even within the Congregation Sukkat Shalom right on Central Ave.

The film, directed by Soszko as well, was shot by professional cinematographer, Kyle Hamman, who also edited the film.

Students can view their own film at the ATC Youtube page by following the link HERE.

ATC thanks the students' remarkable energy and creativity as well as their parents' stunning support, patience, and for allowing the school to work with their kids for two whole weeks to produce this fun family film.

The Page to Screen class will return in Summer 2019, in the meantime, classes for students interested in On Camera acting can check out Fall classes HERE.

Congratulations, students! What a great film!

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