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Looking for the right acting school for you? Take a look at our list of frequently asked questions and see how Actors Training Center can bolster YOUR acting training.

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“The continuing job of learning to find out who you really are, of learning to pinpoint your responses—will help you begin to fill your warehouse with sources upon which to draw for the construction of a character.” ― Uta Hagen, Respect for Acting. Acting classes are for beginning and advanced actors alike -- even professional actors continue to train. By training, you work that muscle that allows you to easily connect & relate to a character or, rather, a version of yourself under different circumstances. There is no better place to learn to be vulnerable, take risks, & fail than in an acting class or workshop. Train today - walk into the audition room with confidence tomorrow.

WHAT ARE THE SHORT OR LONG TERM BENEFITS OF TAKING AN ACTING CLASS? says that those who train in performance communicate more effectively with others, become more confident in themselves, experience less stress or better ways of relieving it, understand the power of their own vulnerability, & are quick to make friends. Whether or not you are destined for stardom or this is just a really exciting hobby doesn’t matter so much to us - as long as students come away learning something about themselves, how they relate to the world, & how they relate to others around them - we consider the acting class a success.


Industry-grade training shouldn’t be limited to downtown Chicago. Here at ATC, our nationally-recognized school helps to bridge the gap between the training actor & the expectations of the industry. With classes available Kindergarten - Adult, our professional space, makes industry-grade training accessible to any student.


ATC is consistently keeping its finger on the pulse of whatever its students are looking to learn about. Our school teaches a variety of classes that center around these fundamental disciplines of acting: on-camera, monologue & scene study, comedy & improvisation, musical theatre, and voiceover.

We offer classes with true industry professionals currently working in the industry. This gives our students the most up-to-date, topical instructor of current industry expectations. Frequent instructors may include: talent agents, casting directors, theatre directors, film/TV directors, and working actors. Every class and workshop is a unique opportunity to work with those in the business who know it best.


Classes are broken down by age or grade level and by session (Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall). Our Fall & Winter classes run once per week for 6 weeks. Our Spring session runs an abbreviated 4 weeks. Summer adult classes may vary. Most classes are taught by one teacher the whole session. Some of the more Advanced classes may bring in Guest Instructors or have a rotation of teachers throughout the session.


Learning is an opportunity best experienced shared — therefore we do not offer private acting classes week-to-week. However, we do offer private coaching for specific auditions (theatre, TV/film, college, etc). For more information on Private Coaching, feel free to visit our Audition Coaching Page.

More questions? We'd love to chat with you! Please feel free to call us, email us, or stop on by - we love to chat with our students and believe there is no such thing as a student question:

847.251.8710 /

1120 Central Ave, 2nd Floor, Wilmette, IL 60091

Looking forward to having you in class!

-The ATC Team

Written by Rae Lindenberg

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