ATC Re-envisions the Level 2 Acting Class

So you've tackled Acting 101: now what? Where do you go from there? How do you best the next best class for your acting journey? Look to your toolbox!

Actors Training Center has re-envisioned the Level 2 acting class for its students with their "Toolbox" 9-week acting courses for the theatre, on camera, & comedy.

As opposed to typical Level 2 classes, "Toolbox" classes not only rotate the techniques, exercises, & disciplines taught every 3 weeks, it also rotates its teachers so students get to work with a number of professional actors, directors, & agents currently working in the industry.

ATC began its toolbox approach with Professional Actors Toolbox, which has been on the ATC schedule for the past 2 years. P.A.T. covers monologue work, cold reading, & unarmed stage combat - 3 techniques that are must haves for actors looking to achieve more complexity & layers in their work. Students interested in taking this class must first complete the class, The Power of "If" or get approval from the studio in order to jump into this invaluable class. Class dates/times below.

Students looking to further stretch their on camera acting muscles need look no further than one of the new members to the "Toolbox Team": On Camera Toolbox. O.C.T. takes students already familiar with camera work into the world of a professional actor by concentrating on the tools needed to make an impression in the casting office. By focusing on script analysis, emotional memory, & 2-person shots - students come away from the 9-weeks with several distinct on camera acting skills under their belt.

Students interested in the On Camera Toolbox must first complete Acting for the Camera or get studio approval. Class dates/times below.

Another fresh take on the toolbox concept is Comedy Toolbox which directly follows the Improvisation class also available for registration this Fall. Students looking to deepen their comedy training after Improv cover the physical comedy, voices & dialects, & sketch comedy skills that are integral to a comedian's repertoire. Interested students must have completed the first class or get studio approval. Class dates/times below.

While the last three classes mentioned are in ATC's 7th-12th Grade student division, the studio does offer a similar class for it's 4th-6th Grade students entitled - Actors Essentials: The Ensemble. Mimicking the Toolbox structure, this class also has divvies itself up between 3 different techniques that are taught by a rotation of teachers including physical comedy, dialects, & scene study. Actors interested in this class must get studio approval or take Actors Essentials first (which currently only has 2 spots left available for the Fall session).

The mission of these "toolbox" classes - broken into three 3-week segments (in which a different topic is covered in each) - is to introduce students to new classes & instructors whom they haven't had the chance to work with before. This keeps the students' training from stagnating. By keeping things consistently fresh, students are forced start from Square 1 many times - an ability that's helpful for any performer.

The skills acquired by the students in this class prepares them for future classes, productions, shows, and/or camera roles. Students become acquainted with unique acting techniques that broaden their horizons & stretch the boundaries of what they can accomplish - not to mention these classes look great on a resume!

Professional Actors Toolbox (7th-12th Grade) Saturdays | 10:30am-12:30pm October 13 - December 15 (No Class: 11/24)

On Camera Toolbox (7th-12th Grade) Sundays | 3:30-5:30pm October 14 - December 16 (No Class: 11/25)

Comedy Toolbox (7th-12th Grade)

Saturdays | 3pm-5pm October 13 - December 15 (No Class: 11/24)

Actors Essentials: The Ensemble (4th-6th Grade) Sundays | 1:15pm-3:15pm

October 14 - December 16 (No Class: 11/25)

For more information on these classes & all other classes offered this session, please visit our WEBSITE OR contact the ATC office: 847.251.8710 |

We love talking to new & returning students alike - no matter your experience level! Give us a call & get registered TODAY!

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