Honored to have been honored at the ITA's Annual Award Ceremony.

Actors Training Center graciously accepts the "Award of Honor" at the IL Theatre Association's Annual "Awards of Excellence and Honor"

This past weekend was an emotional one! Not because it was the last weekend of summer before school officially kicks off. Not because it’s getting darker outside earlier now. Not even because it was just announced the Sony has split its Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (although that does make me kind of emotional too).

This weekend was filled with excitement and joy because the Actors Training Center was GRATEFUL and HUMBLED to accept the “Award of Honor” at the ITA’s Annual Ceremony!!!

"When you think about the quality of training that ATC provides ... there’s no wondering why ATC was nominated in the first place."

ATC Founder, Carole Dibo, holding the 2019 ITA Award of Honor
ATC Founder, Carole Dibo, accepts the Award of Honor from the Illinois Theatre Association

Each year, the IL Theatre Association holds the “Awards of Excellence and Honor” to recognize both individuals and organizations for their significant contributions of promoting quality theatre (and theatre education) throughout the state. Recipients are nominated by the IL theatre community, approved by ITA's divisional representatives, and accepted by ITA's Board of Directors. With a process as thorough as ITA has created, winning this award requires an organization to be equally as thorough and dedicated to its students. When you think about the quality of training that ATC provides, and the number of students that have gone further to work on Broadway, National Tours, Netflix, Amazon, and other countless episodic series, there’s no wondering why ATC was nominated in the first place.

As someone who has called this training center a home since they opened in 2007, this weekend was a proud moment not only for everyone in the office but for every single student that has ever stepped foot in ATC! Since day one, Carole Dibo (founder of ATC) has created a space that is professional to its core! Every instructor, director, and coach is a current working professional in the industry. That means when you come to take a class, you get nothing but relevant, expert advice on how to hone your craft. Starting your education here is the best way to #train2work. All of our students adopt the #train2work slogan, and once you see that training with ATC means working with the very best, you’ll notice how easy it is to embrace that motto too!

(Left to Right) ATC Board President, Bonnie Schoenberg; ATC Studio Director, Becky Blomgren; ATC Founder, Carole Dibo
"ATC is a training center, yes, but it’s also so much more than that!"

Outside of professional coaching, amazing classes, and great productions, ATC is also proud to offer a safe place for artists to grow. One of the hardest things for performers is being able to find a place where you can feel vulnerable, yet comfortable enough to try new things. Stepping out of your comfort zone is key to growing as a performer, whether that’s in improv, musical theatre, or on-camera acting. From day one all the way to now, ATC has provided an extremely safe place for performers of all ages to come and grow. Stepping out of your comfort zone is easy when you have a community of people that encourage each other to push above and beyond what they think their limitations are. In our community, no critique is passed off in a harmful or hurtful manner, and the number one goal is to build not only great performers but complete and empathetic human beings!

ATC is a training center, yes, but it’s also so much more than that! It’s the place where students come to find themselves and build lifelong friendships. It’s the place where adults come to reconnect with their love of creation. It’s the place where professionals come to coach talented performers from all over the Chicagoland area. For me, it’s the place that allowed me to push through barriers and grow as an actor. It’s the place where Mama Dibo is always waiting to give her students a great big hug before she whips you into shape with great training. The Actors Training Center is home!

By ATC Alum/Social Media & Internet Marketing Coordinator, Ulises Acosta

Contact ATC to sign up for a Fall Class now, and personally find out why ATC received the 2019 ITA "Award of Honor" | 847.251.8710 | info@actorstrainingcenter.com

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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