New York, LA, Chicago - Things To Know, Before You Go

Taking your career to the next level will require immersing yourself in an artistic oasis that’s filled with advanced opportunities to learn, work and interact with industry professionals. It’s critical to remember that many don’t land their dream job in New York, LA, or Chicago as soon as they step off the plane but if you're planning on making a move, here are some things to keep in mind...

Although taking the plunge can be scary, it’s necessary for anyone who wants a career on the stage or in film and television. New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago are American mixed media hubs that are bursting with all forms of creative experiences, but each city has its own special place in the industry that performers should be aware of before deciding to move.

If You Want a True Big City Experience, Then Move to The Big Apple

If you’re looking for a splash of excitement, culture, and some of the best food in the world, then life as an artist in New York City will suit you. The city is brimming with film and broadway opportunities, and NY has some of the best acting and filmmaking schools in the country for those looking to learn the ropes. New York’s cost of living can be quite high, so artists looking to move to this part of the U.S. will likely need to make sacrifices in terms of living spaces and balance a day/night job with the demands of auditioning or taking classes. Many people live in surrounding burrows outside of Manhattan and commute into the city via New York’s trusty train system. This will help to cut costs and is a great way to enjoy city life on a budget.

The City of Angels is the Birthplace of Legends

Los Angeles has been the birthplace of many legends, and the backdrop of gorgeous California weather makes setting up shop in this part of the U.S. highly appetizing. One of the best things about living in LA as a creative is the wide variety of opportunities that exist across television, art galleries, writing, film, music, and all things showbiz. There are also plenty of general business opportunities for those that want to cross over or need to work a regular job to support their creative habits.

The Windy City Might be Kinder to Your Wallet

For those who want a big city experience without having to move out of the Midwest, Chicago is the perfect place to be. This extremely balanced market has a creative and general business ecosystem that makes it easy to work a nine-to-five and perform at night. Chicago is known for its improv scene, and some of the most treasured comedy icons in the industry came out of improv and comedy training centers in this amazing city. Chicago won’t hurt your wallet as much as LA or NY either, and the city has a thriving theater, commercial, and television scene for those that want options.

Craft a Game Plan Before you Move

It’s critical to remember that many don’t land their dream job in New York, LA, or Chicago as soon as they step off the plane. It often takes many years of performing, investing, learning, and networking in the community before things begin to go your way, and every artist should make sure to come with a game plan that will allow them to cover their basic cost of living as they pursue their dreams. Doing some scouting and lining up an agent, manager, or other pros that will help you to maximize your time in these central locations will help creatives make the most out of living in some of the most artistic safe havens in the nation.


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