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Training doesn't always have to happen in the (zoom) room. There are plenty of materials out there meant to help you hone your craft! Read below to find new podcasts that might help you in your training...

“I think you should take your job seriously, but not yourself. That’s the best combination.” - Dame Judi Dench

If your job is acting you probably know the tenuous balance of trying to do just that. The serious work of auditioning, memorizing lines, late night rehearsals, character study, and training has to be balanced with life tasks, such as, oh, paying the bills, raising a family, eating, and finding time for yourself. So how do you find that space to let yourself go, to enjoy what Milan Kundera called the incredible lightness of being, while still honing your craft as an actor?

One small way to engage more with craft and to explore avenues that make your life as a performer more fulfilling is to maximize your time by learning while living. Podcasts can be a perfect means of exploring craft and the acting life while performing those necessary but perhaps not as fruitful menial tasks of life--while cooking or cleaning or traveling or . . . well, you get the point. So if you, like Judi Dench, take your job seriously, we offer these insightful podcasts to help you build your acting chops.

How Others Have Succeeded: One way actors are both inspired and learn more about the acting craft and life is by hearing from successful actors. Here are two podcasts that offer great success stories:

  1. In the Envelope: created by Backstage, In the Envelope is a veritable runway of interviews with top acting talents such as Bryan Cranston and Julia Louise-Dreyfuss. Explore Hugh Grant’s transition from romantic roles to more character-driven comic pieces. Learn how British actress Carey Mulligan made the leap from her debut in Pride and Prejudice to iconic roles in An Education, Mudbound, and more.

  2. Off-Camera: Hosted by Sam Jones, this podcast gets personal with a range of theater and film professionals. Interviews with notables such as Edward Norton, Kristin Bell, and Ethan Hawke offer insight into the personal journeys that took them from hopefuls to stars.

The Acting Life: Being a performer is about navigating more than just building new craft skills. If you are to survive in the business, it’s good to hear tips about what the lifestyle is like offstage or behind the cameras. Here are some excellent podcasts that explore the whole world of being an actor:

  1. The Irrelevant Actor: Amy Worthington tackles the stresses and strains of life as an actor. She speaks with casting directors, talent agents, producers, writers, and fellow actors to get at the heart of what it means to live life as a performer.

  2. The Adam Buxton Podcast: This is definitely a step away from the “how to” world of acting. Funny, irreverent, and passionate, this podcast is a no-holds barred exploration of the lives of a myriad of artists.

Skill Sets: Every actor seeks tips from those who have been there on how to improve craft. We offer these insightful podcasts that indulge in the “how to” aspect of the trade:

  1. Acting Class Weekly: Host Sean Whalen presents topics ranging from the basics, such as getting started in the business and the fundamentals of acting, to larger considerations on preparing to work in LA or whether it’s worthwhile to pursue an MFA or BFA in acting.

  2. The Mono Box Speech Share: This podcast is a hands on approach to finding your way through the trade of acting. Created by Polly Bennett and Joan Lyiola, who designed affordable actor training workshops, each interview explores the performers career, stand out moments, and culminates in the presentation of the actor’s favorite monologue.

When You Need Inspiration: Acting is a tough business where rejections pile up and critique is often harsh. Sometimes we need to know we’re not alone, to hear experienced voices say keep on keeping on. Here are some podcasts that are bound to inspire even at your lowest moments as a performer:

  1. 10,000 Nos: Matthew del Negro offers the landslide of “nos” he’s received over the course of his career and invites big name actors to share their own no experiences with listeners. To hear career actors examine some of the toughest nos they’ve heard and how they persevered to be successful is bound to inspire you.

  2. The 98%: Based on the idea that 98% of performers can’t survive off of acting only, this podcast dives into the hard world of persevering as an actor and explores alternative lifestyles in the business, such as working as a non-binary actor and performing with a disability. This is not only a survival guide, but an inspirational all-inclusive world of performance.

Based on your interest in this article, we think you should check out these programs ATC has build for students just like you:

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