Casting Call for Teens


Douglas Aibel Casting in New York City (‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’,

‘Marriage Story’, ‘Moonrise Kingdom’) is seeking young people who fit the

below descriptions for an upcoming feature film by director Noah

Baumbach. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. We are seeking unique,

distinctive and interesting young people.

Parents should email with the subject line UNB

- Child Submission and include the young person’s name, date of birth, a

photo (if available) and include the parent’s contact information.

[FRITZ] A 14-year old boy (please submit 14-16 year old). He’s cerebral,

insular, highly intelligent, intense. Over the course of the story, he comes

out of his shell and into his own.

[DEBBIE] A 13-year old girl (please submit 13-15 year old). She’s sharp,

hard-headed, caring. A realist. Attuned to all going around her, and

proactive in situations.

[MEGHAN] A 10-12 year old girl. She’s more sensitive and innocent than

her siblings. Intuitive and sweet.

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