Disney+ "Love, Simon" Casting Search

Telsey + Company Casting is beginning a search for the upcoming series "Love, Simon" produced by 20th Century Fox Television for Disney+, Disney’s new streaming service.

Tesley + Company Casting is searching for an actor for the lead role of the upcoming DISNEY+ TV series: Love, Simon.

They are seeking an actor for the role of VICTOR:

Male, to play 16-17, Latinx (or half-Latinx), closeted gay, really cute, athletic, well-liked, warm-hearted high school sports star, SERIES LEAD.

If you are interested in submitting your audition, please visit the link below for more information:


(it is free to submit through this page)

Please do not contact ATC with questions regarding this audition. We are not affiliated with this project.

Break a leg actors!!

-ATC Team

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