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Find your own Chicago-based acting community. Connect with other actors, directors, parents, & more by exploring these Facebook groups for performers.

facebook acting groups
It's easier than ever to connect with other actors here in Chicago thanks to Facebook's groups for actors & performers.

Being a working actor in Chicago can leave you feeling like a small fish in a big pond. Looking for your own community of actors? Look no further than your Facebook feed. Here is a list of some of the most popular Actor Facebook groups you can join to make you feel at home: 

1. Theatre Mafia of Chicago Don't let the name scare you, this group boasts 2,700 members and is dedicated to being a digital hub for actors, dancers, playwrights, directors, theatre teachers, stage managers, etc. NOTE: this group does not feature audition or job notices. 

Description from the Group Director, Ken Preuss:  "I started the Theatre Mafia so we can have a central place to congregate, share and discuss things that help our Chicago theatre community sustain, grow and flourish. It's also a place to share funny and interesting things with one another and let off some steam!"

2. Chicago Actors Chat & Info Page One of the most popular Facebook groups, this one has 7,400 members which means there are a lot of actors to network with. Share news, audition and casting notices, headshots, film reels and connect with thousands of other actors! 

Group Description: "This is a page where us actors can share info, chat with each other, learn from each other and generally meet new people in the business!"

3. Theatre Lovers of the Western 'Burbs of Chicago If you are a suburban-based actor looking to connect with other actors in your area, this is a great group to join. It's a more intimate group with only 500 members, but this allows for more in-depth and frequent responses and gives a chance to more personal connections.  Group Description:  "This group is for anyone who loves going to see great plays and going out afterwards to discuss or just have fun. Live theater is much more fun when sharing with friends. Maybe you acted in high school or college plays. Remember how great it was? Actors, directors, playwrights, stage managers or any theater professionals are invited as well! This could be a great way to get your show an audience! There are SO MANY awesome theaters in this area, and who knows, you might see a friend onstage at one or two!"

4. Parents in Chicago Theatre Not an actor yourself but have a child interesting in the performing arts? This is definitely the group you want to be a part of. Parents chat about industry expectations, preparation, and sharing information on classes and auditions. This is the perfect group for discovering how to navigate this crazy industry for your little one. At only 193 members, you're sure to make a quality connection with many of the members within the group. Group Description: "Welcome to Parents in Chicago Theatre, working to keep parents working. This group is a network of people who are working in Chicago theatre and raising children and a place to share resources, strategies and ideas. www.parentsinchicagotheatre.org"

5. Chicago Theatre Connection Definitely the most prestigious of the Facebook groups, even with 5,400 members. You can only gain access to this group from another member and you MUST be a Chicago-based actor, so it's a good idea to ask around on some other sites to see who is a member of CTC that can vouch for you. Nevertheless, the information you can attain from this group has been vetted and well-researched, so it's worth trying to get access.  Group Description:  "The Chicago theatre community's go-to destination for ACCESS. Our goal is to raise the visibility for EPA and specific audition postings, providing theatre professionals of all levels with access to even the biggest theatres in town. We don't allow show promotion unless it's an industry offer/comp tickets (free). We're delighted to share classes! Have a question? Just ask us. We're delighted you're here.

Equity Auditions/EPAs: YES Calls for Submissions from Equity theatres: YES Classes: YES Questions about the Chicago theatre industry? YES, PLEASE! Industry ticket offers: YES Free/comp ticket offers: YES" HONORABLE MENTIONS There is a myriad of other groups on Facebook to explore, so don't limit yourself to these five. Check out the list of some other great groups below:  • Acting Auditions and Casting Calls • Acting Opportunities in Chicago • Actors for Actors  • Chicago Acting • Chicago Actors Connect • Chicago Acting Meetup • Chicago Artist Film Entertainment Business • The Chicago Cinematic Arts Community • CHICAGO Filmmakers • CHICAGO THEATRE CHAT/AUDITIONS & SHOW INFO • Lights, Camera, Acting DON'T HAVE A FACEBOOK?  First, way to stick it ol' Zuckerberg. Secondly, training is THE best way to connect with other actors. Not only do you bond during class, you also learn a great deal about yourself and the craft by watching and performing with others. Your classmates and instructors can truly become your greatest resources in the biz.  Where to train? The Actors Training Center, of course! We offer classes for actors from 2nd Grade - Adult. You will definitely find your community here.

See you soon!

-The ATC Team

Written by ATC Guest Author, Rae Lindenberg

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