How to Choose the Right Acting Class for YOU!

Whether you're just starting out or returning to the basics - the task of finding a quality acting class can be a daunting one. But finding the class, instructor, and studio that fits your working actor needs is a lot easier when YOU know what you're looking for. has great tips on how to narrow your search for finding your "Godilocks" class or jump into finding it right HERE at ATC.

You can check out the tips below:

Know Your Disciplines

The more you know what options are out there, the more you can understand what resonates with you the most:

  • Scene Study Technique

  • Audition Technique

  • On Camera/Commercial

  • Cold-Reading

  • Improv

  • Vocal

  • Physical (i.e. body & movement)

Know Your Techniques

When approaching which division of acting you're diving into, understanding the different techniques that instructors work with or teach with is critical. Know your techniques ahead of time so as not to be surprised!

  • Stanislavski

  • Method

  • Adler

  • Meisner

  • Chekhov

  • Practical Asthetics

  • Hagen

  • Theatre Games

  • Laban (Backstage doesn't list this, but many ATC instructors implement this technique. Learn more HERE.)

Know Your Teacher This is crucial - because an instructor can make or break a class, regardless of how much you respond to a specific class or technique. Make sure you're prepared to ask yourselves these questions about the kind of teacher you're looking for during your training.

  • Does the teacher have experience as an actor?

  • Is the teacher interested in my learning/progress?

  • Is the teacher (and studio) reputation solid?

  • Who else has taken classes with a specific teacher? Can you get referrals?

  • Does the teacher have former/current students who are now successful actors?

  • Are there reviews? (This applies to the studio as well!)

  • What kind of teaching style am I interested in/is conducive to my style of learning?

Know Your Class (& Studio)

So you've checked the division, technique, & instructor on your list - now you need to make sure how the class is formatted works for you! Make sure you ask these questions of yourself or the studio:

  • Will I be taught or directed?

  • Is the class so big that the teacher doesn’t even know my name? Will I be working with a scene partner?

  • Will I act in every class?

  • Is the class environment positive?

  • Can you audit a class before committing?

  • What are the class costs? Are payment plans or scholarships offered?

Know the Actors Training Center Now that you're armed with the right information and right questions to ask - contact the Actors Training Center to find how we fit into your training strategy! We love chatting with each and every student to make the work of uncovering the right class a little easier.

Our Winter, Spring, & Summer classes are available & open for registration! Click HERE to start your search!

Ready to register? Contact our office and ask for Carole, Becky, Rae, or Hannah!


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Happy Hunting!!

-The ATC Team

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