Instructor Highlight: Ally Young-Price

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Check out our short get-to-know-you interview with ATC Teaching Artist: Ally Young-Price

At ATC, we like to present our teachers with a few questions so that our students can get to know them a little better. Here's the response from ATC Guest Instructor, Ally Young-Price...

Favorite Credits: Dollface & Rutherford Falls

Any awards or honors you are particularly proud of?

My involvement in the ABC DISCOVERS SHOWCASE

What class(es) do you teach for ATC?

Book the Network Audition

What is your specialty area? (Shakespeare, standup, musical theater, etc.)

Auditioning for screen, particularly comedic shows. Knowing how to grab clues from the script, your lighting, your tone, your frame, how verbatim you should be, the whole thing!

What makes that area of the arts important? (3-5 sentences)

Especially during the pandemic we have been really leaning into storytelling through screens. There is more content than ever which means that there is more roles than ever for people to play in story telling. It's both a way to share stories that need to be heard, and to perhaps fall into a world where problems don't weigh as heavy as they do in your current one.

What is your advice for folks just starting out or looking to take the next step in their career?

Be 100% your authentic self. There is and will only be one of you. It's your superpower. Run with it.

What is the thing you are most proud of?

That I've managed to get this far in my career by simply putting one foot in front of the other. I don't come from a family of entertainers and they quite literally wouldn't let me go to school for acting until I sat them down and told them it was happening whether they wanted me to or not LOL. I followed my passion since I was a kid and I paved my way. I sought out my own mentors, my own classes and learned from people I met along the way, and I still do. So I'm proud of truly working hard and following my gut for this long.

Anything else you'd like to add?

If you are in this business you are truly a magical being. You bring stories to life... and without you, there would be no 'entertainment industry'. Don't let the men (&women) in suits scare you.... they need you. Remember that ;) and trust that timing is on your side.

...Sign Up For Class With Ally Here...

Nail the Network Audition

Virtual: May 13th & 20th // In Person: May 27th

Hybrid Class | Thursdays 4:00-6:30pm | Ages: 10-16 | $275

Instructor: Ally Young-Price


Join LA Actress Ally Young-Price (ABC's The Goldbergs, The Middle, Hulu's Dollface, etc.) for this one of a kind hybrid audition technique class! Over the three weeks, learn how to look for clues in audition scripts, perfect your self tape, zoom callbacks, and make choices when auditioning for brand new shows. Students work across a wide age-range of peers to practice the ever-popular family sitcom style show. Nail your next Network Audition with our help!

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