From rehearsal to curtain call, "Mamma Mia!" was a blast!

A week after closing the summer Musical Theatre Intensive, ATC Student Tyler Bednar talks about his favorite moments and what he learned...

By: Tyler Bednar

This is my second show I’ve done with ATC during the summer, and they’re always the best. Mamma Mia might have been the most fun I’ve had with a show so far.

Since coming to the Actor’s Training Center, I feel my skills as an actor have enhanced. I’m able to sing with much better technique, act in scenes with bigger choices, and have gotten better at my comedic effect in scenes. This wouldn’t have happened without Carole, Adam, and all the amazing people they bring to teach their workshops and classes.

"Mamma Mia might have been the most fun I've had with a show so far."

To start off, the direction from Adam is amazing because he has a very unique way of directing. Before we block the scenes, he has us understand the nature of the character we’re playing, and of the different characters we interact with in the play. This exercise helps us as actors understand which choices to make in order to keep the scene interesting. The sense of play that Adam puts into scene direction is also a lot of fun. He lets the actor play with different choices and is honest about what he thinks is a good one.

Another great quality of the summer musical is the bond you form with your cast mates. You get really close with everyone when you’re with them, making a show for 5 to 6 weeks. We regularly hung out after rehearsals, throughout the week, and even on the weekends going different places and people’s houses. The show has ended, but we’re still planning on getting together sometime this week.

"The sense of play that Adam puts into scene direction is also a lot of fun."

I am so glad I got to meet so many new actors and got to work with old friends again. Every day I was pushed to my limits by the show, and was encouraged by Adam and my cast mates to work hard on each song and dance. I can’t wait to do the show next year!

ATC Student & Actor, Tyler Bednar

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