DON'T MISS: Director, Matt Miller's Virtual Showcase for Actors

"The likelihood of industry professionals watching the showcase footage is much greater than just a cold submission in the mail..." says Miller.

matt miller at actors training center
ATC actors are encouraged to sign-up for this digital equivalent to a traditional headshot mailing.

Matt Miller’s Virtual Showcase has been helping actors get in front of agents and casting directors for 10 years running...

Miller, a former casting director with PR Casting in Chicago, is now a working commercial director & TV producer; he’s an executive producer on Teachers now in its final season on the TV Land network.

“I started the Virtual Showcase at a time when I was wearing a lot of hats professionally speaking," says Miller, "In addition to directing, I was teaching on-camera classes for actors & leading casting workshops for aspiring film directors. At the end of these classes, the actors always wanted to know where they could find more on-camera opportunities & the filmmakers always asked about where they could find good actors. That gave me the idea for the first Virtual Showcase. When actors started getting auditions & agent meetings from it, the showcase really took off.”

The Virtual Showcase is an online service for Chicago area actors, aged 7-17 years old, to gain more exposure with local casting directors, agents, theatres, young filmmakers, & other industry professionals. Think of it as the digital equivalent to a traditional headshot mailing.


  • Participating actors are scheduled for a fifteen-minute recording session at a studio downtown.

  • An experienced session runner records each actor delivering a brief personal interview, two pieces of commercial copy, and a one-minute monologue or scene.

  • After the recording session, an editor cuts the footage for each actor & posts the videos for all of that month’s participating actors along with their headshots & resumes to a password protected showcase link on Miller’s website (

  • The showcase link is then distributed to an ever-growing list of industry professionals: major casting directors in Chicago, every SAG franchised talent agency, dozens of theatres from non-equity companies - up to The Goodman Theatre and Steppenwolf, & over 150 directors, producers, photographers & independent filmmakers.

  • The cost per actor is $85.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a class or a coaching so some previous on-camera training is recommended.

“There's no guarantee of work, of course," Miller says of his showcase, "but the likelihood of these professionals watching the showcase footage is much greater than just a cold submission in the mail--especially because I have relationships with many of them. And perhaps most importantly, industry folks can hang onto the link for future reference. It's active for a full year.”

ATC actors looking to get out there & start working are highly encouraged to take advantage of this amazing offer to demonstrate their talent, to network, & to be SEEN by people in the business!

The next Virtual Showcase recording is Sunday, July 28 from noon-4pm @ the Actors Training Center.

Email Matt at to register!

Virtual Showcase is limited to 12 spots ONLY!

Interested? Need on camera training first? Matt Miller plans to host a Virtual Showcase every month - so there's always a chance to get in.

Break some legs, actor!

-ATC Team

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