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New Trier Casting Calls for 3 Upcoming Short Films

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

NTHS offers ATC an exclusive casting call for 3 upcoming student-directed short films.

Are you an actor looking for on-set and on camera experience? Submit today to New Trier High School's open casting call for several student-directed short films - many of which are being developed for festival competitions.

As a working actor looking to get more credits, a more expansive reel, or just looking to working with up and coming actors and directors, this is a great opportunity.

Below you'll find the information on at least 3 productions New Trier is casting at the moment. Please submit your headshot, resume, and reel (if you have one) to

James Syrek at syrekj@nths.net with the SUBJECT: ATC-NEW TRIER CASTING CALL.

FILM: THOMAS: A Story of Homophobia


HAYLEY - Teenage girl. High school aged. Somewhat passive.

AMANDA - High School Aged Girl. Very opinionated. Shorter actresses a plus.

PETER - Teenage boy. Tall. Brown hair.

SYNOPSIS: Not available.

SHOOT DATES: December 15



TEACHER - Adult male.

10 EXTRAS - Teenagers, aged 15-17

SYNOPSIS: A student stays up all night writing the essay of a lifetime only to forget to

print it the day its due. A long and difficult trip down the hallway will put his

mental and physical abilities to the test.

SHOOT DATES: December 15 & 16



WOMAN - 40-60 years old. Caucasian. Brown hair preferred. Very maternal - actress should be comfortable with emotionally driven scenes.

SYNOPSIS: A student film that centers around a girl who’s mom recently remarried

and is now part of a blended family. One day her step-brother assaults her and for

the rest of the film she is trying to find a way to tell her mom.

SHOOT DATES: December 9

BREAK A LEG, ACTORS! Can't wait to see these films with some ATC students!

Please do not contact ATC or the New Trier Office with film specific inquiries.

-The ATC Team