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Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm  // July 27-August 7


*payment plans available

*Financial Aid available

The Professional Summer Intensive was designed in 2004 by Founder/Director Carole Dibo with a focus on helping high school students get inside the business with a curriculum that pushes them to an industry level of professionalism.


Monologue, scene study, accents & dialects, on camera and more are all covered. Students have the opportunity to meet and ask questions to Casting Directors, Actors & Agents.


The students conclude the 2 weeks with an audition-ready monologue, on-camera footage, headshots, and a showcase for family, friends and invited Chicago professionals.

By audition only. See below for more details...

Interested in auditioning? Great!


Hi! I'm Becky Blomgren, the Managing Director of Actors Training Center. Normally, I get the opportunity to meet every auditioner in person for our PSI auditions, but for the time being, we get to do the next best thing. 


Grab your phone and record a short video of you performing a 60-second contemporary monologue (from a play--no TV or movies) and then tell me a bit about yourself! That's it! 


Send the video to and you'll get a response within 7 days. 


"UGH, she said 'Tell me a bit about yourself', that's so GENERAL. What does that even mean??"

I know, I'm the worst. I hate when people say that too! Here are some specific things I'd love to know about you:

--What grade are you in?

--What are you hoping to gain by taking this class? And what about this class makes you nervous?

--What kind of roles to you typically get cast in? Do people always see you as 'one thing'?

--What's "the dream"? Movie star? Broadway star? Amazing avant-garde puppet artist??

--What do you enjoy doing that's NOT acting?

--Anything else you want me or your potential future teachers to know?

--And, last but not least -- How are you doing?? Things are a bit wild right now, no?


Also -- when you record your monologue, don't do it sitting down at your desk and staring into your computer/phone camera! I want to see you up and on your feet.


If you have any questions, or are having trouble finding material, please reach out to I'm happy to help. Looking foward to getting your audition!