Although COVID-19 has us all indoors, we won't let that stop us from honing our craft! With that, and with your safety in mind, we present our redesigned online programming!

2nd-3rd Grade Virtual Classes

Create A Play

Thursdays // 4:30pm-5:45pm // April 23 - May 14

Be a part of a virtual ensemble! Each week, your fellow actors will meet up in the Zoom Room to create a play with the amazing Steve Leaver (Executive Director of Imagination Theatre). Ensemble members will add a new characteristics to their character(s) each week; such as vocal quality, physicality, costuming, and more.


Week 4 we put it all together and tape. Yes you read that right! We're recording through Zoom and piecing together a Virtual Play! After our team edits the piece together, the ensemble will have a viewing pizza party (BYOP...bring your own pizza).


Viewing party date: TBD


4th-6th Grade Virtual Classes

The Art of the Disney and Nickelodeon Audition

Saturdays // 1:00pm-2:30pm // April 25 - May 16

It takes skill to let go of your inhibitions and find the right balance of energy to perform over-the-top comedy. By working in the Zoom Room, this class will help you find life inside the characters of Disney and Nickelodeon.


From Scene to Song

Sundays // 11:00am-12:30pm // April 26 - May 17

Moving from scene into song smoothly in a musical is critical to the story's believability. In this class, students develop the scene before the song, and then the song, so that the audience moves seamlessly from acting into singing, enhancing the song's emotional spell.

Each week, students will practice a new performance muscle by receiving a scene and a song to practice (the song will come as a recording from one of our wonderful accompanists). In the Zoom Room, students will then have time to workshop their material and fine tune their performance.


7th-12th Grade Virtual Classes

Long-Distance Improv Games

Sundays // 3:30pm-5:30pm // April 26 - May 17

Improv games specifically designed for use in our Zoom Room!


All the same skills are used as in regular improv: listening, "yes and", giving and taking focus, and building an ensemble. This will be a totally unique improv experience that is sure to test your abilities as a comedian and as a performer.


Zoom Into Shakespeare

Sundays // 1:00pm-3:00pm // April 26 - May 17

Shakespeare really is for everyone! Let Kevin Long help you break down and explore the language so many fear. Have fun finding clues in the text from the comfort of your quarantined space!




Common American Dialects

Saturdays // 11:00am-12:30pm // April 25 - May 17

Often character descriptions in commercial and theatre auditions call for specific American accents. Young actors need versatility that will allow them to compete in these different markets. The ATC Zoom Room allows for a less self conscious learning experience.


By meeting in the comfort of their home, we're able to work with each student based on where their skills are. Well-respected dialect coach, Adam Goldstein, will work to create Zoom recorded commercial spots and monologues using the most popular American dialects.


9th Grade - Adult Virtual Classes

Prepping for Pilots

Wednesdays // 6:30pm-8:30pm // April 15 - May 6

Co-taught by AJ Links & Leah Raidt


Pilot season is exciting as the broadcast networks search for actors for dozens of pilots. Get the inside scoop on how to prepare for it from ultimate insider, AJ Links (Casting Director at Paskal Rudnicke Casting), and professional Chicago actress and ATC teacher, Leah Raidt.


AJ and Leah will challenge actors to find unique and compelling ways to get noticed in the casting room during this very competitive time. This virtual class culminates with students submitting self tapes with AJ and Leah giving person feedback and quick coaching tips.

Week 1: AJ Links

Week 2: Leah Raidt

Week 3: Leah Raidt

Week 4: AJ Links

By Studio Approval - Please send your resume to info@actorstrainingcenter.com for consideration and we will respond to you ASAP!


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