Teen Classes

7th-12th Grade

Winter 2020

Power of "IF"

Designed for aspiring young actors who are ready to work fearlessly from their personal experiences of the past by saying "what if..." to their character in the present. The Power of "IF" creates a foundation for future training.

Actors Toolbox

Saturdays // 10:30am - 12:30pm // January 25 - March 14

Monologue, Accents, & Movement are three must-have areas of study for a serious actor in this competitive field. This compact class, taught by a rotation of ATC teachers, is designed with a keen eye for the actor who is ready to start working in the industry.

Prerequisite: Power of If OR Studio Approval



Students learn the value of saying "Yes, and…" to every idea, using their imaginations and creative energy to become confident storytellers. This class will culminate in a final short-form improvised performance for friends and family.

Comedy Toolbox

Vocal, Physical, & Sketch Comedy are three must-have areas of study for a serious comedic actor in this competitive field. This compact class is designed with a keen eye for the actor who is ready to start working in the industry.

PREREQUISITE: Improvisation OR Studio Approval

ATC's Comedy Troupe: "No Explanation"

Saturdays // 3:00pm-6:00pm // ​February 8 - May 2 (NO CLASS: March 21 & March 28)

The ATC Comedy Troupe, "No Explanation", represents our most advanced comedy students who have proven ready to perform for the public. This troupe will write an original sketch comedy revue, developed through improv, which will be showcased in Chicago @ Stage 773, Saturday, May 2 @ 5pm (Tech begins at 1pm).

Students must be available for performance and are expected to attend all class sessions and tech rehearsals. 

(NO CLASS: March 21 & March 28)

PREREQUISITE: Improv & Sketch Writing OR Studio Approval


Acting for the Camera

Saturdays // 10:00am-12:00pm // January 18 - March 14

This class provides an encyclopedic overview of the basic skills needed for an indelible on camera performance. Students will work each week in our professional studio with actual commercial and television/film copy.


Working with one of our professional actors/instructors this class will focus on 1 liners, “5 and unders” (industry speak for under 5 lines) and simple commercial copy. Actors will get in front of the camera each week and receive adjustments and notes after watching playback.


Acting for the Camera 2

Sundays // 11:00am-1:00pm // January 19 - March 15

Students that have mastered basic on camera technique are ready for a deeper approach to finding unique insight to a role. Using text analysis and given circumstances will help actors avoid obvious choices that others might make. By using their own inner strength and energy students will work from a place of complete confidence and let the camera come to them as they tackle longer and more complicated scenes and situations than found in Level 1.

Prerequisite: Acting for the Camera OR Studio Approval


Advanced On Camera

Saturdays // 2:30pm-5:00pm // February 8 - March 7

This class take all of the work of character development and script analysis, and challenges the advanced on camera actor to deepen their work for a more complex, truthful on camera performance.

Screening on March 13th.

PREREQUISITE: Instructor Approval


Broadway Vocals

Sundays // 3:00pm-5:00pm // February 9 - March 15

Musical theatre performances are powerful when the song furthers both the character's journey and the play's central story. This class takes the five W's (who, what, where, when and why) and applies them to Broadway favorites emphasizing proper singing technique. This class will culminate in a final performance for friends and family.


Musical Theatre Lab @ ATC

Sundays // 11:30pm-2:30pm // January 26 - March 15

A fast-paced intensive where advanced musical theatre students focus on dance, acting and song, taught by Chicago’s finest musical theatre talent.  These actors will emerge with the confidence to enter the professional musical theatre community in Chicago and beyond.


The session will culminate in a final open class for friends and family.

PREREQUISITE: Studio Approval


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