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Winter 2020

This 2020 Winter Session, we're offering the Workshop Series. This series is a package deal of four workshops: Breaking Into the Business, Monologue Workshop, The Agency Audition, and Self-Tape Workshop.


The great thing about the Workshop Series is that you can pick and choose the ones that best fit your needs. Only want to take the Monologue and Self-Tape Workshop? Great! Want to take all four? Awesome! Need only one of the workshops? That's cool too!


Tailor your workshops to your schedule, and then meet us on the day for your training!

The Workshop Series is discounted in the following way: 


Sign up for 2 workshops - get a $25 discount on your total

Sign up for 3 workshops - get a $50 discount on your total

Sign up for 4 workshops - get a $75 discount on your total

Workshop Series: 01.) Breaking Into the Business

Saturday // 1:00pm - 5:00pm // March 28

For Ages 12+

Get the scoop on who's who, how to get an agent, what casting directors look for & how actors that "made it" made it. Learn everything from how to write a resume to where an actor falls on the "Industry Food Chain". Bridge the gap from where you are to where you can be! Perfect for the novice or seasoned actor looking to brush up on current industry expectations. Recommended for actors and parents alike.


Workshop Series: 02.) Monologue Workshop

Sunday // 1:00pm-5:00pm // March 29

For Ages 9th Grade - Adult

Dust off an all too familiar monologue, or test drive a new one for maximum impact. Work with a senior ATC instructor to ensure that your audition is colorful and specific.


Requirement: A one minute monologue memorized and ready to perform.


Workshop Series: 03.) The Agency Audition

Saturday // 1:00pm-5:00pm // April 4

For Ages 9th Grade - Adult

Navigating the actor-agent landscape can be challenging. So how do you convince an agent to work with you, beyond having loads of talent, especially when agencies already have a full roster of clients? We will help you carve out your business plan - from knowing your type, to training, to honing interview skills and where to find an appropriate monologue. Don't waste time trying to figure it out yourself. This one afternoon can save you many hours and lots of money.


Workshop Series: 04.) Self-Tape Workshop

Sunday // 1:00pm-5:00pm // April 5

For Ages 9th Grade - Adults

With self-tapes becoming standard and casting notices being just a Google search away, there is no reason for an actor not to be auditioning, whether they have an agent or not. Learn how to tape and edit a studio-quality audition from home. Your next audition is closer than you think.


A smart phone and laptop are required for this workshop.


Please Note:

These are not job interviews or auditions. The presence of a talent agent, casting director, or other industry professional is absolutely not a guarantee or promise of employment. The intent of these classes is solely educational.

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